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Protect Your Data. Protect Your Practice.


How is your practice ensuring the security of patient information?

HIPAA requires 'reasonable' steps be taken in regard to your patient data. Our approach addresses your systems, your network and physical security. Through our network management and cloud computing offerings, your data never has to leave the security of a certified SAS 70 Type II facility. This provides your practice the comfort of knowing your data is secure and allows you to focus on patient care.


Protecting your patient data is the first step toward protecting your practice.

Don't confuse back up of your data, with recovery of your systems, the latter of which allows your practice to continue operations. Our solution enables you to protect your practice / your investment through system restoration which dramatically reduces your recovery time in the event of a systems loss. We do this locally and affordably.


Fast, scalable, and reliable connectivity options are critical to your operation.

High internet bandwidth and point to point circuits are necessary to share and report data timely as required by the 'meaningful use' EHR objectives. Depending upon the size of your practice, we provide service level agreements and quality solutions from 10Mg to 100Gb. These options enable your organization to access patient information rapidly from your office(s) and from remote locations.

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