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Connectivity Services

Nexus Connect Cloud Voice


Nexus Connect Cloud Voice is a hosted voice service combining your company's Internet and Telephony. Unlike other VoIP services, we use managed networks to ensure True Business Class Reliability. With a cloud based voice solution, your business' phone calls travel over your broadband data network rather than the conventional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Not only is Nexus Connect Cloud Voice a true cloud based telephony service, it also offers feature rich handsets including the ability to make and receive calls on your smartphone or computer.

Click here to contact The Nexus Group for a free voice assessment and recommendations on how Nexus Connect Voice can transform your company’s communications.

Several things contribute to latency, including:

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  "Nexus provides telephone and internet service through broadband, so we can focus on our business. With quick, friendly and genuine concern of the sales and service people, we never have to give our telephone and internet service a second thought." - Tim Lehning, President Market Land Co.
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