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The Nexus Group of Nashville, TN has acquired the assets of Butler Networks - August 17, 2012


Nashville, TN -- Aug. 17, 2012 -- The Nexus Group of Nashville, TN has acquired the assets of Butler Networks, also headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Along with The Nexus Group, Butler Networks was one of the original Internet service providers serving middle Tennessee. The two companies have enjoyed a long relationship with Nexus providing much of the infrastructure that enabled Butler’s network and other data center services.

“Cloud computing is all about the convergence of network capabilities with strong data center facilities and security”; said Steve Brugman, CEO of The Nexus Group. “Our experience has been that local Tennessee businesses are now acting upon the advantages of Cloud applications, such as offsite storage and virtual computing, and network management to ensure the solutions are secure and available. Companies desire a local partner to help them in this transition. Nexus is the only business in middle Tennessee that provides the combination of a SOC type II data center with diverse network capabilities.”

The acquisition will add over 100 new clients to Nexus existing client base, resulting in The Nexus Group having over 500 business clients throughout Tennessee. Mr. Brugman added, “we will continue to look for ways to expand our presence in middle Tennessee and having personally known both Bill Butler and Wayne Lambert (principals of Butler Networks), this is a great addition to our business.”

THE NEXUS GROUP is a trusted advisor for technology infrastructure products and services. At the heart of NEXUS: A secure modern datacenter delivering the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability our customers, employees and business partners demand, 24/7/365. NEXUS customers appreciate the value of a local partner they can turn to for all their needs: virtual computing,colocation, data backup, VOIP, connectivity (AT&T, XO, Level3, Comcast, Charter), disaster recovery and business continuity suites.

The value of cloud computing, locally.


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